Saturday, September 3, 2011


In the afternoon, I baked mini muffins in my new house for the first time. Took quite a while because I wasn't too prepared. =P

Later, I went to Eagle Street Pier and met up with people from QUT3 and QUT4. We then camped there for more than 3 hours. We ate junk food, played games, and had an awesome time with each other!

At about 7pm, the fireworks started! It was good but somehow I wasn't impressed. :P The show lasted for 20 minutes, half the time of last year's show. I recorded 18 minutes of it but it's too big and I'm too lazy to upload it. :P

We stayed back and took some pictures. All of us left at about 8pm or so.

Then, some of us went to MadTongSan for dinner. Ordered Bi Bim Bap and was so stuffed after that.

Took the bus home with J, A and P. Back home, I showered and went to bed...

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